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Gauge.S for E39 E46 middle vent mount

Gauge.S for E39 E46 middle vent mount

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NOTE! Due to production overheads order shipment may be delayed by up to two weeks!

Gauge.S for E39 E46 middle vent mount 
is THE gauge solution with ability to display engine, car and external sensors data and simultaneously saving log data to SD card. 

Device is fully customizable to the needs of clients. Definition files for each car along with "auto log" features can be adjusted (for example to trigger logging when you put your foot down on gas pedal).

Typical usage of devices:

- Data logging,

- Engine data live feed,

- WiFi accessible SD card (from your phone, tablet or computer),

- Auto-upload of logs to cloud services,

- Monitor and log up to 4 analog 0-5V inputs,

- Accelerometer + optional GPS sensor,

- ESP32 based development board for car application,

- Customizable grid from 1x1 up to 3x3 display.

Works with all 6 or 8 cylinder petrol engines found in E46 and E39 and also in engine swaps from:

All petrol BMWs E36 from 1995-1999 (318is, 320i, 323i and 328i with ME5.2, MS41.0, MS41.1 or MS41.2 ECUs) are supported along with M3 US and 3.2 EVO (EU) along with engine swaps and all 6 and 8 cylinder petrol E46, E38, E39, Z3 and others including:

- Any OBD2 car with CAN made after 2007.

- and many many other aftermarket ECUs with CAN data output (kdata, ecumaster, speeduino, megasquirt)!

Device is capable of streaming data over CAN with custom IDs great for usage with RaceCapture, JB4, Podium, or AIM device and others! Live feed of the device allows you to see data at all times with 25-33x times faster refresh rate than standard OBDII and other logging solutions!

Kit includes:

- Gauge.S E39/E46 - you need to secure it inside your car by yourself,

- 2x wire connectors for power, data, button and analog inputs,

- SD card for storing your log data,

- Free firmware upgrades in future!

Got 2000+ model? Connect your Gauge.S to CAN bus and use button control from your cruise control steering wheel (while CC is off).

Installation video (done by Sreten from M539 Restorations):
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